2022 Spring faculty projects

This google sheet lists a few important ongoing projects in departments such as hiring, developing a more inclusive environment, space renovation, and more.

2021-2022 Academic year cabinet role

This documents documented the cabinet role for this year with some major tasks in each position.

Department meeting record

This document briefly records a few important items discussed in department meetings.

Current Projects Quick Links:

  1. Visiting Prof hiring: Review process.
  2. Tenure Prof hiring:
  3. Class observation: Assignment table, Observation form (which needs to be sent to Dana afterward.)
  • If you wish to put on more links as a shortcut to your current project, please contact Min-Feng Tu.

Physics Faculty Workspace Shared Drive

For more information about the past documents, please click on the Shared Drive link which takes you to where all the files are. If it fails, you can still go your google Drive -> Shared Drive -> Physics Faculty Workspace. This Drive is created by Wesleyan Physics account and will be permanent. In the mean time, I would encourage every member update their files or folders in the Drive, so that the materials will remain in physics department if one leaves in the future.

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